Wadena, MN, USA

Gray Horse Quilt Shop

APQS Longarm
Machine Rental

With each
rental you get:

  1. Free thread to use during your rental time.
  2. Your choice of patterns (easy-medium-hard) or you can drive the machine freehand for edge to edge or custom quilting.
  3. State of the art APQS quilting machine with bliss drive, pristine stitch regulator and easy to use controls. It´s like renting a Rolls Royce!
  4. Guidence through every step of the way!

Renting by the hour:
As a certified renter you will be able to rent the APQS longarm quilting machine starting at $20/hour. There is a 2-hour minimum on rental time. 
How to get certified:
Take the Beginner Longarm Quilting Class to learn how to use the longarm quilting machine.
In this class we will cover the basics on how to quilt your quilt. You will walk away with confidence as a Longarm quilter and you´ll be eligible to rent the machine in our shop by the hour